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Finding Leo

Submitted to the Sky-Hi News

Thank you to the community members who were concerned and kept an eye out for Leo, my daughter's Jack Russell. Special thanks to Lori Anderson, Tina Steinberg, Jenn Martin, Ann Matteson, Barb Haight, Luke Steckler, and Ryan Rudolph (Boulder) for helping in the search.

Leo went missing after being hit by a slow-moving car while on a walk. He was scared and bolted down the road and across US Highway 40. We looked for hours that first night and couldn't find him. Leo was out in the elements for four nights when the temperatures were as low as -32 in Tabernash. Late in the afternoon on the third day we received a great tip. Ryan Roldolpn, of Boulder, spotted Leo on the train tracks while going over the bridge into Tabernash. Then Ryan happened to go to the Tabernash Post Office where he saw the Missing Dog sign. Thanks to his call we were able to narrow the search sight considerably. The next day we went walking on the train tracks in Tabernash under the bridge. We were able to find Leo's den and water source, but no Leo. Then my husband decided to walk from beyond the bridge toward Tabernash while I was walking toward him. To our surprise out popped Leo from under the embankment of the bridge! We've never been so happy to see a pup! Leo has a sprained ankle but other than that no frostbite or other injuries! Again, we would like to thank all the community members and Online Garage Sale members who were concerned, and the business owners who let me put up fliers! It was our Christmas miracle!

Tim Moreland and Katrina Larson-Moreland


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