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Grand County Good Neighbors

Grand County, CO Colorado

Maura McKnight of Headwaters Tral Aliance writes:”I would like to nominate Ms. Lindsey England for the Good Neighbor award. Ms. England, the Art and Science teacher at Fraser Valley Elementary, has worked with her students the past few months on various projects that have taught the students about the value of our natural resources and the importance of taking care of these resources, especially our water supply. Through her Charity & Change project, the students were able to sell their artwork through silent auctions and then donated the money to organizations that help protect these resources: Middle Park Land Trust, Trout Unlimited and Headwaters Trails Alliance. Thanks, Ms. England, for teaching our children the value of protecting our cherished resources AND the reward of charitable giving.” Ted Bettray of Grand Lake writes:”A note of thanks to David Ingle who, year after year, has the synchronized light and sound Christmas show on County Road 4 just before entering the national forest. Every year it gets bigger and better. Months before the snow flies, David is hard at work expanding his spectacular show. Countless hours are needed to hang the thousands of lights needed to light up the nights. Watching the lights flash synchronized to the Christmas music on the radio in a warm car is a wonderful experience enjoyed by young and old alike. Shows are nightly and start at the top of the hour. All David asks in return for his efforts is canned goods he can donated to the local food bank. Thank you Mr. Ingle and keep it glowing.”

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