Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Dec. 11-17 |

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Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Dec. 11-17

Stillwater Estates Lot 6 – Damon and Judy Kubick to Douglas and Kelly Jeffrey, $399,000

River Run Condominiums Unit 102, Bldg B – Suzanne Myers to Judith Custy and Anita Warren, $155,000

Trailhead Lodges Lodge 1, Unit 134 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Joe and Heather Richardson, $525,730

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 55 – Robert and Karla Liebelt to Gary and Ellen Somenek, $124,900

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 1, Lot 10 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Donald Jones and Christine Yount Jones, $534,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 1, Lot 14 – Grand Park Development LLC to Richard Miller and Holly Cogswell, $369,596

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Grand County Estates TRT 91 – Seymour and JoAnne Sundell to Daniel and Megan Waymire, $469,000

Trailhead Lodges Lodge 1, Unit 112 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Dallas and Robin Miller, $263,164.50

Granby Ranch Filing 5, First Administrative Plat, Lot 27 – H Kent and Sandra Cheese, Steven Jacobs and Roberta L Hach Jacobs to John and Linda Gillogley, Andrew and Megan Ruder, $350,000

Trailhead Lodges Lodge 1, Unit 132 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Nigel and Jennifer Ellis, $312,480

Antler Ranchettes Lot 1 – Bruce Kohlwey to Brian and Jessica Bata, $350,000

Kremmling Country Addition Lot 18, Block 5 – Ingrid Penry to Aaron Wood, $234,000

Twin Rivers Condo Unit 6, Bldg Ptarmigan – Kevin and Jessica Andrews to Robert Tonnsen, $236,000

Sun Valley Acres Subdivision Block 5, Lots 2,3 – Stanley and Rhondda Wells to Seajaye Sillasen, $210,000

Longview Addn/Hot Sulphur Springs Block 2, Lots 16,17,18 – Robert and Janet Singer to Diana Bigsbee, $200,123

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing Lot 48, Block 1 – Rosemary and James Breiner to Brittany Nudge, $480,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing Lot 41, Block 1 – John and Lynne Jansons, Edward Kerzner and Anne Lambert Kerzner to Brian Brown, $438,000

Timber Run Condo Unit 6, Bldg 3 – Gayle and Albert Veinberg to Benjamin Kaplan and Lauren Searcy, $315,250

Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 19, Lots, 5,6,7,8,9,10 – Highway 9 Business Center LLC to David and Shari Scheuermann, $220,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 1, Lot 16 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Chris Lile and Cathy Capelli Lile, $377,883

Gore Lakes Unit #2, Lot 6 – Girten Inc to Amy Vandeneinde, $79,999

Big Horn Park Filing #2, Lot 42 – Charles and Alison Ruble to Paul and Betheny Connell, $43,500

Shorewood Subdivision Block 2, Lots 21,22 – Daniel Fairbanks to Timothy and Annette Bradley, $339,900

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 3, Unit 8 – Laura and James Rinker Jr to Jared and Sherri Carlson, $199,500

Fraser Crossing-Founders Pointe Condominiums Unit 4357 – Loren Snyder to Danielle Smidt, $380,000

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 47 – Stanley and Ketty Larson to Bryan and Rachel Scott, $485,000

Winter Park Lodge II Bldg B, Unit 301 – Michael and Lisa McGloin to Melissa Vaughn, $183,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 5, Unit 3 – Jerry and Pamela White to Nathaniel White, $148,500

Lakota Flg 3, Tract C, Lot 33 – Shawna LLC to Wombat Investments LLC, $1,450,000

Coyote Creek at Winter Park, Unit 11, Lot 24 – Dennis Furlong to James and Karen Wattenburger, $354,900

Grand Pines Outright Exemption Lot 2 – Chadwick Chase Jr to Michele Toffelmire, $80,100

Lake Forest 1st Addn Subdivision Lot 5, Block 1 – Charles Murphy to Joseph Romano, $35,000

Pine Beach Subdivision Lot 1, Block 1 – Robert Hartman to Michael Carter, $10,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 454 – Kenneth Loosemore and Jeffrey Rouzer Jr to Jesse and Anna Konz, $42,000

SEC 2 TWP 2N R 77W Partial Legal – See Document – M Double Bar Ranch Inc, C Lazy U Ranch Inc to Terence and Melinda Oleary, $2,725,000

Shumway Subdivision Exemption Lot 1 – Kenneth and Mary Holder to Christopher and Heather Gentry, Dale Parrish, Jacquie Scriver, $480,000

Winter Park Ranch 2nd Filing Lot 23, Block 4 – Gary Buchholtz to Brian and Catherine Kelley, Keith and Andrea Nicholson, Matthew and Mary Brandman, $502,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 1, Lot 13 – Grand Park Homes LLC to John and Angela Patrick, $402,099

SEC 31 TWP 2N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Tracy Francis to Stephen and Julianna Lundberg, $242,000

Lakeview Subdivision Phase I, Unit 6, Bldg B – Thomas Vaughn to Edwin Bangert and Debra Hindman, $185,000

Winter Park Ranch 2nd Filing, Lot 8, Block 3 – Taylor Colorado Trust to Dennis Furlong, $525,000

Columbine Lake Lot 75, Block 6 – Charlotte and Chris Weems to Ryan and Stephanie Johnson, $365,000

Coyote Creek at Winter Park Unit 4, Lot 23 – Laura Bossert to Timothy Glasgow, $341,900

East Mountain Filing 9, Unit 15G, Lot 15 – Rendezvous Homes LLC to John and Tracy Fletcher, Bruce and Barbara Kusske, $420,350

Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 26A – Michael and Cynthia O'Donnell to Bjorn and Kristine Collins, 415,000

Trailhead Lodges Lodge 1, Unit 122 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to No Bad Days LLC, David Garamella, $302,878

Summit Trail Condominiums Phase I, Lot 1 – Utes Land Company to Ron Smookler, $300,000

Wildacres Subd Amended 2nd Flg, Lot 35, Block 1 – William and Shirley Davis to Craig Johnson, $97,000

Cozens Meadow at Grand Park Unit 101, Bldg H; Cozens Meadow at Grand Park Bldg H, Garage Unit B – Cozens Pointe LLC to PL LP Investments LLC, $422,823

Winter Park Ranch 5th Filing, Lot S56 – James Beasley to Jack and Susan Castellion, $399,000