Boy turns 12 on 12/12/12, celebrates at Granby Ranch |

Boy turns 12 on 12/12/12, celebrates at Granby Ranch

Tonya Bina

GRANBY – Like all children who were born on the Millennium, Jack Painter is used to having the year’s dateline coincide with his age.

But his birthday this particular year was the most coincidental of all.

Painter turned 12 on the once-in-a-lifetime numerical happenstance 12-12-12 – a Golden birthday on steroids.

And for this special birthday, Painter chose to go snowboarding at Ski Granby Ranch, where he’d originally learned to ski and where his family has visited for the past few years during spring break.

“I’m glad I got to come here,” the birthday boy said as he put on his helmet and goggles and waited for the rest of his family and a few friends to gather for their first run of the day Wednesday morning. It was the opening day of Granby Ranch, the lift had just started running, and Painter, his brother, sister and friend were excited to be missing school.

He’d already gotten paintball equipment for his birthday, he said, but looked forward to opening the rest of his gifts. During the car ride to Granby Ranch that morning from his home in Broomfield, Painter had already received more than 20 birthday greetings on his cell phone.

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“It’s such a unique birthday, it’s easy for people to remember,” said his mother Cathy Painter.

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