Committee contemplates developing Grand Lake brand |

Committee contemplates developing Grand Lake brand

Leia Larsen

GRAND LAKE — As part of its recent downtown assessment, the town of Grand Lake is looking to revamp its image.

The town has assembled a 13-person team of residents, second homeowners and business owners charged with developing Grand Lake's "brand." The goal is to put the town on the map and highlight it as a year-round destination, according to Lisa Jonas, who is heading the branding committee.

"We want to get people to experience the wonders of Grand Lake, to develop the economy as a place for people to live and have a business," Jonas said.

The branding process is still in its early stages. So far, committee members have participated in informational webinars and studied other communities who have successfully branded themselves as destination towns. Jonas said the next step is to survey community members and inventory the town's assets.

"Each of us has our own belief of why we love Grand Lake," she said.

Specifically, the committee hopes to highlight the town's attractions beyond the summer months and further enhance the area's economic viability.

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"We want a well-rounded community and a strong economy like everyone," Jonas said. "We think a good branding strategy will get us there."

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