County limits use of mag on roads |

County limits use of mag on roads

Tonya Bina

Dry, windy weather has the Grand County Road and Bridge Department fielding calls for application of mag chloride on Grand County roads, according to Road and Bridge Superintendent Ken Haynes.

Dust has been so bad, residents have mistaken it in some locations for a smoky fire.

But due to budget cutbacks in recent years, the mag chloride program had been reduced to only three roads in Grand County: County Road 1 (Trough Road), County Road 3 in the Williams Fork Valley, and County Road 6 in the Granby area.

Other roads are considered on a case-by-case basis only, with the approval of the Grand County commissioners.

Most recently, commissioners gave the go-ahead to Road and Bridge to apply mag chloride to County Road 623 north of Granby and on the hill of County Road 60 east of Granby.

Application of mag is “not a dust issue, it’s a road stabilization issue,” said Commissioner James Newberry, during the commissioners’ Tuesday, June 26, meeting.

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Haynes concurred, saying mag helps to preserve a county road by holding the small particles together like glue, making for a compacted surface rather than a surface of rocks only.

When rains have been abundant, citizen complaints were limited to roads being slick from the mag, Haynes said, but now his office is receiving requests daily for the chemical to control dust in neighborhoods.

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