EGSD Board certifies mill levy for next year |

EGSD Board certifies mill levy for next year

Last week the East Grand School District (EGSD) Board of Education met for their final Regular Meeting of 2016.

During that meeting the Board addressed a number of housekeeping items for the coming year including the certification of the 2017 mill levy from property within the boundaries of the EGSD. On Tuesday Dec. 6 the EGSD Board of Ed certified the mill levy for next year at 21.938 mills. According to Donette Schmiedbauer, Business Manager for the EGSD, the School District expects the mill levy for next year to bring in $11,499,935 in tax revenue for operating the District.

The operational tax revenue produced by property taxes is distributed within the EGSD between three separate funds: the District's general fund, the District transportation fund and the bond fund.

The mill levy for 2017, 21.938, is a drop from the mill levy that was certified by the District last year at 22.412 mills. Business Manager Schmiedbauer explained the decrease in the mill levy for the coming year is primarily a result of increases in the assessed valuation of property within the District. As property valuations increase the number of mills levied can decrease while still retaining the same revenue levels for a given special district.

The mill levy assessment for 2015, 21.927 mills, was lower than 2016's rate and was slightly below the new mill levy rate that was certified for the coming year. The next Regular Meeting of the EGSD Board of Education will be held on Jan. 03, 2017.

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