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Elections results by precinct

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi News
Grand County, CO Colorado

In studying Grand County’s precinct by precinct votes of the 2012 election, the lines are more or less drawn between Republican and Democrat somewhere around Red Dirt Hill.

In the race that elected Obama for president, the only precinct that interrupted a clean division between southern Grand County and its support for Obama, and north and western Grand County and its leaning toward Romney was a 772-voter precinct in the Tabernash area, which chose Romney. But that precinct also had the tightest margin for the presidential race, with Romney coming out ahead only by a difference of 35 votes. Another 14 voters in that precinct selected the Libertarian candidate for president, and two more wanted the Green candidate.

The most-populous precincts in Grand County are in the Granby area. Precinct 3, which includes eastern Granby and the Granby Ranch area with the most voters of any precinct- 1,091 – supported Romney with a difference of 118 votes. As did Precinct 2, the next largest precinct of 936 voters, with an even greater majority choosing Romney.

The presidential race was fairly tight in Grand Lake’s precinct 1, where Romney eked out a win by only 74 votes out of 624.

Southern Grand’s strong support for pot

In viewing Amendment 64 votes, the most marijuana-friendly part of the county is in Fraser and Winter Park.

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Precinct vote tallies show that the eastern half of Fraser in Precinct 7, which includes Winter Park Ranch and Rendezvous, was the most supportive of Amendment 64, which legalizes possession and cultivation of small amounts of pot. There, 725 precinct voters – or about 74 percent – supported the measure.

And seven out of 10 people voted for the measure in Precinct 6 of the town of Winter Park and Precinct 9 encompassing downtown Fraser on the western side of Highway 40.

In Grand County’s 58 percent approval to legalize small amounts of pot in Colorado, the measure won in all precincts save for two in the Kremmling area. But even in those precincts, the measure just barely failed.

In the larger of the two, Precinct 5, which includes the Kremmling subdivisions of Blue Valley Acres and Old Park, the pot measure failed by only two votes.

And in Precinct 4 of the Kremmling area, which encompasses residents north and east of Highway 40 and into the Troublesome region, Amendment 64 was defeated by only 13 votes.

And the marijuana measure barely won in the Hot Sulphur Spring and Parshall Precinct 8, where it passed by just 10 votes out of 526.

The measure also had fairly tight margins in Grand Lake’s Precinct 1 and in Granby’s Precinct 2, which includes the western half of the town and south including Grand Elk, and north up 125 to the Grand County border.

Tight precinct margins in commissioner races

In the close District 1 commissioner race between Republican challenger Chas McConnell and Democratic incumbent James Newberry, who won by 52 percent of countywide votes, the voter lines in Grand County stayed fairly true to partisan form. But where the incumbent broke the partisan mold and picked up votes was in the highest populated Precinct 3 of western Granby, where he won by 135 votes. Newberry held the strongest support in the Winter Park Highlands Precinct 11, where he won with 65 percent of the vote. Yet the Distict 1 race was tightest in Grand Lake’s Precinct 1, where Chas McConnell won by only five votes, and in the Granby Precinct 2, where he won by eight votes.

In the commissioner District 2 race between Democratic candidate Robb Rankin and Republican Merrit Linke, the race was beyond tight in the downtown Fraser Precinct 9, where Linke won by just one vote, and in Winter Park Highlands Precinct 11, where he won by just two votes. Linke won his commissioner seat countywide with 59 percent of the vote.

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