Fraser approves budget, outlaws comercial marijuana grow operations |

Fraser approves budget, outlaws comercial marijuana grow operations

Reid Tulley
Grand County, CO Colorado

The Fraser Board of Trustees approved the town’s 2013 budget during their last meeting for the year, which took place Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Trustees also passed an ordinance outlawing commercial marijuana-growing operations in Fraser as well as announced the Winter Park Wipeout, set to take place April 6.

Every member of the board of trustees sat on the budget committee this year and an unprecedented amount of staff time was spent going through the budget with a fine-toothed comb.

“The board put a lot of work into the 2013 budget,” said Fraser Town Manager Jeff Durbin. “They worked hard to look out for the town’s future.”

One of the highlights of the budget is money set aside to prepare for the SnowBall Festival coming in March.

Ordinance 400

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The board approved an ordinance that makes it illegal to have commercial marijuana growing operations in the town. However, they removed a part of the ordinance that would have outlawed the manufacture of infused marijuana products.

The vote was passed with five “ayes.” Two board members – Vesta Shapiro and Adam Cwiklin – abstained because of confusion about final wording of the ordinance.

Infused marijuana products are things such as brownies and candy with THC from marijuana in them.

Some of the board members suggested edible marijuana products could be safer to a person’s health than smoking marijuana, and members of the board also stated that they did not want to hamper economic opportunities that could spawn from infused marijuana product manufacturing.

A person who did want to open a shop to infuse products with marijuana would have to go through an extensive approval process that would require licensing from the town.

Winter Park Wipeout

Trustee Philip Naill announced that the Winter Park Wipeout will come to town on April 6. The Winter Park Wipeout will be a race of sorts where participants will race from Grand Park to the town of Winter Park while overcoming various obstacles.

The obstacles and course for the race will remain a bit of a mystery until the event takes place.

The race will be similar to the Muckruckus, which took place in August, without the large mud pits. However, participants are sure to get a little dirt under their fingernails as they run the course and complete the obstacles.

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