Fraser board ‘takes pride’ in 2013 budget |

Fraser board ‘takes pride’ in 2013 budget

Reid Tulley
Grand County, CO Colorado

FRASER – With every member of the town board on the budget committee and over six times the hours spent on the 2013 budget than previous years, the Town of Fraser has been working hard to make sure that all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted for the 2013 budget for the town.

“The board has put a ton of time and effort into this,” said Fraser Town Manager Jeff Durbin. “We are proud of it.”

The board has decided to take a more fiscally conservative approach to the 2013 budget and therefore has been taking out some of the cushion funds that are usually rolled over in the carry-over fund balance and is also pressing harder for grants and cooperative agreements.

The town will still be providing the same services to its citizens “even better,” Durbin said.

The town will not use reserve funds to provide services for the town, instead they will save the reserve funds for capitol projects, like improvements to the town’s properties.

“We will be doing more with less,” Durbin said.

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The town recently received a grant that will supply volunteer workers to help to build and clean up trails in Fraser. The receival of this grant along with the work provided by the Headwaters Trail alliance will make sure that the trails in Fraser are up to par.

Fraser is also planning on providing some funding to match grants for some upgraded way-finding signage that will help get people outdoors, one of the main driving factors behind the town’s tourism dollars.

“Despite a smaller budget, you will see us get things done here,” Durbin said.

The town is taking a conservative approach to the 2013 budget by not exaggerating revenue projections for the future.

With no large capitol improvements planned for 2013, one of the budget items that the town will take on is the budgeting for equipment for the March 8-10 Snowball Music Festival.

The details of the festival still need to be hashed out by the town and they are looking forward to supporting the event that is sure to bring a large amount of people to the Fraser Valley.

The town is also looking forward to the impacts of the new branding efforts of the Winter Park-Fraser Chamber of Commerce.

“We will continue to do good things for the community while being fiscally conservative,” Durbin said.

The next budget hearing will take place Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 7 p.m. at the Fraser town hall.

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