Fraser/Winter Park Police look for rec center site vandals |

Fraser/Winter Park Police look for rec center site vandals

Fraser/Winter Park Police are looking for information about vandalism at the recreation center construction site in Grand Park.

During the night of Wednesday, Nov. 12, someone slashed two tires on a flatbed trailer and apparently turned off the generator at the site. Police responded to the criminal mischief call when the damage was noticed on Nov. 13.

“We were saddened to learn of the incident of vandalism at the construction site of the new rec center for the Fraser Valley,” said Dan O’Connell, president of the board for the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District.

“We don’t know who is responsible. Luckily, no serious damage resulted from these acts, although there could have been extremely costly repairs needed if the vandalism hadn’t been noticed early,” he added.

“It should be known, however, that such acts do nothing more than cost the taxpayers of the Fraser Valley Metro Rec District extra money,” O’Connell said. “If this was done by people who may have differences with the rec district, for whatever reason, we appeal for them to approach the board for open dialogue about their concerns.

“Vandalism does nothing more than destroy public property and add to the cost of our new rec center.”

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Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call the Fraser/Winter Park Police Department at 722-7779.

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