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GCSAR performs multiple rescues over weekend

Reid Tulley

Grand County Search and Rescue (GCSAR) undertook two missions on Saturday, March 16.

The first mission was a request to evacuate a 54-year-old woman from Denver, who had been bucked off of her rental snowmobile near Grand Lake. The second mission involved retrieving three ice fisherman who had been stranded on Lake Granby after their only snowmobile broke.

Flight for Life was unavailable for the mission to evacuate the woman, who had been diagnosed with a probable broken pelvis, due to weather, so a team of GCSAR members including two members from the Mountain Medical Response Team retrieved the woman and brought her to the Idleglen Trailhead where an ambulance was waiting.

The second mission took less than 30 minutes to complete and only three members of GCSAR participated in the retrieval of the three stranded ice fisherman. The three fisherman were not prepared to stay the night and reported the lake was too slushy to be able to hike out.

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