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K9 Bliss opens dorrs in Grand County

Sky-Hi News staff
Grand County, CO Colorado

K9 Bliss, a new pet sitting service, has opened its doors in East Grand County, offering a range of services by an experienced and certified animal care provider.

“I walk, feed, and cater to special needs for all kinds of pets,” said Julie Moseley, owner and operator of K9 Bliss. “I also offer overnight in-your-home sitting services.”

Moseley is certified with Pet Sitters International, the American Red Cross First Aid for Cats and Dogs, and is fully bonded, insured, and licensed.

Moseley, who owned and operated her own pet resort in Tampa, Fla., is pursuing her dream of having more one-on-one time with the dogs and other animals she adores.

During her time as the owner of the pet resort, Moseley found herself spending more time doing paperwork and managing her employees than spending time with her life long passion: dogs.

She sold the resort and began pursuing education related to pet therapy, where she found herself studying warm water swim therapy for dogs in Washington state.

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Swim therapy for dogs is similar to physical therapy for humans, except it is relaxing whereas human physical therapy can quite often involve some pain.

Swim therapy can provide numerous benefits for dogs and can be used for exercise/weight reduction, pre- or post-surgery therapy, joint injury therapy, loosening up tight muscles, and many other things.

Moseley is seeking a local pool where she can complete therapy sessions. However, for now she can use personal swimming pools as well as hot tubs for smaller dog breeds.

Moseley can be called at 970-531-7897 or you can visit her website, k9blisspetsit.com.

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