Keep county roads clear for snowplowing operations |

Keep county roads clear for snowplowing operations

Special to the Sky-Hi NewsGrand County, CO Colorado

AP Photo/The Durango Herald, Jerry McBride

As snow continues to fall, drivers are reminded to park vehicles off the county roadways to clear the way for plow trucks removing snow.County Roads must be completely cleared of cars so plows can remove snow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Due to the large amount of snow Grand County sees each winter, it’s important for crews to be able to clear roads for emergency vehicles and the traveling public. Vehicles parked on county roads run the risk of being damaged by a passing snowplow, and cars parked on snow routes run the risk of being towed.Before parking on a county road, make sure it is not a designated snow route. Look for snow-route signs posted in the area.Snow removal crews begin work in the early morning hours, usually 5 a.m., and continue until all routes are complete. Crews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Usually there are two separate snow removal operations. The first is during the storm itself and consists of quick passes with the plows to keep the roads open. Priority is given to school and bus-transit routes and the most heavily traveled roads. The second operation begins when the storm abates and consists of widening the cleared portion of the road. The time required for each operation varies with the severity of the storm, the temperature, the importance of the road, and the availability of personnel and equipment. A snow berm at the end of a driveway is unavoidable – half of the snow in the road belongs to you and the other half belongs to your neighbor across the road. Colorado Revised Statute 43-5-301 states that residents are prohibited from pushing snow out onto or across county rights of way. When plowing driveways, residents should make every effort to push the snow off onto the drive aprons or elsewhere on private property.

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