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Letter: Bell

Granby, CO Colorado

The legalization of marijuana will create more headaches than solutions.

Whoever voted yes on this issue must not have a sense of reason. This opens doors to larger problems, so it will be interesting to see the details on it. If marijuana sales will indeed create more funds for education, then I am looking forward to the schools handing out coupons to encourage them. Let’s encourage our kids to buy it; it’s all for education, right?

What’s next? Legalize sales of cocaine so our kids can go to college for free? I can see this issue on the next ballot, and it’ll probably get enough votes to pass, too.

How about murder? It happens more and more; why not make it legal to do it at least twice in your lifetimes, just to keep it “under control?” Reserve one just in case you end up with an elderly parent; but that neighbor that blocks you in all the time will have to go.

Do we still need law enforcement? A judicial system? Let’s vote on it.

This “pursuit of happiness” has gone over the board. American values no longer exist. The truth is, this country will legalize anything that’s hard to enforce. Where are our values, what are they? What are we teaching our kids? I am outraged.

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I have exercised my freedom of speech. Now, I’ll quietly teach my kids the difference between right and wrong. I can only pray there is a little bit of common sense left in our society, too.

Alina Bell


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