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Letter: Benson

Fraser, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Once again there has been another mass shooting, this time in a school full of kids.

These things just infuriate me. Like most people I go through a whole lot of emotions, from shock to anger, etc. Frustration is the only thing that sticks.

The one part of these stupid acts of cowardliness is the immediate use by the “liberal” politicians to capitalize in their quest for GUN CONTROL. I am so sick of Schumer, Bloomberg, Hickenlooper, Perlmutter, and the other usual suspects. These grandstanders get unimpeded access to the “so-called free press” with their condescending attitudes toward the millions of responsible, law-abiding, gun owners. A person like me, only has a few areas in which to try to have a small voice in the debate. I can hope that the local paper might print my letter. I can try to call a talk show, which is only preaching to the choir, anyway.

I can write a letter to my “representatives,” Udall, Bennett, or Polis, who do not represent anything about me. Writing “MY” representatives is probably as big a waste of time as I can think of. I would get as much reaction from a fence post. The only real difference is that the fence post can’t waste taxpayers’ money.

In this country the founding fathers specifically put the Second Amendment into the Constitution. I’m pretty sure that they meant for “THE PEOPLE” to have the ability to personally arm themselves, for whatever reason.

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All governments assume the authority to arm their defense and police forces. Here there is the military, FBI, the state police, county sherriff’s departments, town police, etc.

The liberal “argument that there is some “right” to have a militia just does not stand up. All governments historically assume that authority.

Therefore, it logically follows (to me) that the Constitution specifically and clearly means, “THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Tell me, just what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not fully understand?

There are an estimated 300 million guns in the United States. That is roughly, one gun apiece for every American. If guns cause these acts of stupidity, then we should all be dead.

Make no mistake, We are getting more anti gun laws, soon. They are the wrong answer to unanswerable problems.

Norm Benson


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