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Letter: Colorado Springs veteran says fireworks are bad idea

Colorado Springs veteran says fireworks are bad idea

To the Editor:

My name is Julie Radcliffe. I am a native of Colorado Springs, a disabled veteran, and am married to a wounded warrior.

We were blessed with the opportunity to attend a retreat with Project Sanctuary here in Grand Lake. My husband and I both suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. One of the innumerable, wonderful opportunities at Project Sanctuary is a financial class. We made our five year plan: we are going to retire here, in Grand Lake, in five years. We stick to a plan.

Today we went downtown. There was a woman all decked out in red-white-and blue. She commented on my shirt in the same colors, said she was raising money and I would be perfect to help her. Of course I said yes, not knowing what was being funded.

God bless a local for finally telling me that the woman was raising money to fund fireworks. I cried.

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This short-sightedness is both heart-breaking and maddening. A fire ban is in effect for a reason. Yes, over the lake, I get it. What will happen is tens of thousands of drunken tourists could also be shooting off their own fireworks. A recipe for disaster. My city caught on fire! Thank the Lord that we have the absolute best first responders here in Colorado.

Enough of our forests are burning; please do not let this one burn as well. My husband and I will be 50 years old when we retire here. If for no one else, consider my husband. He has two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. He has sacrificed so much for us; Why cannot we give him the peace and beauty he so richly deserves?

Julie Radcliffe

Colorado Springs, CO

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