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Letter: Gregory

Grand Lake, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Since moving to Grand County in 2010, I have read nearly every column Felicia Muftic has written and find her choice of “My View” as the name for her weekly column rather humorous.

Ms. Muftic’s Oct. 24 writings are yet again nothing more than a regurgitation of the latest “talking points” from the Democratic National Committee. While she fails to provide any evidence that in a second term President Obama will be able to improve on his less than stellar performance on the economy during the last four years, she once again drags out the red herring of Romney’s “war on women.”

Really? While social issues (and foreign policy) play a role in this discussion, the economy trumps everything. To think that President Obama, who is virtually illiterate when it comes to the economy and failed to bring others with economic expertise into his inner circle, will morph into a leader for economic expansion starting in January 2013 is naive. Thus Ms. Muftic must rely on assertions such as a Romney/Republican “war on women.”

This is demeaning to women who are capable of seeing through this phony attack for what it is, a desperate attempt to distract them from the dismal record of President Obama’s first term.

Steve Gregory

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Grand Lake

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