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Letter: Letter writer casting stones doesn’t help situation

To the Editor:

Vanessa Rus should be reminded that the decision to release someone on his own recognizance is based upon the Court's belief that he will appear as promised for all court appearances. It is not a pre-judgment of guilt or innocence. A person who has a history of failing to appear after promising to appear, or is considered a flight risk, is not released on his own recognizance.

She was not present in court to hear Lucas Ackerman's entire statement to the Court. She is merely repeating the selected tidbits of information fed to her by this newspaper.

Before she casts the first stone, she should remember that both families involved will be affected by this tragedy for the rest of their lives. She should also consider the question of contributory negligence or any of the other extenuating circumstances of this case.

Jane Kemp and Richard McQueary

Grand Lake

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