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Letter: Olson

Grand Lake, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

With all the talk about the “fiscal cliff,” it is only right that it be clearly explained.

The truth is that there is a huge fault that runs underneath Washington, D.C., that has been held in place by the tons of BS produced by the Senate and the White House. However, the recent election campaign has overloaded the left side, beginning to open a deep crevasse. President Obama was asked what to do, but he said, “I don’t know. My teleprompter fell into the pit.”

David Axelrod saved the day by throwing more BS on the right; however, the balance is so precarious that, unless the Democrats and Republicans agree to a plan that will produce a whole new load of BS, the fault will open, and when everybody in Washington runs to collect their pensions, the New York banks will be drawn into the chasm along with the value of all we own.

The bad news is that the only way to stay out of the pit is to stop the BS altogether. Fat chance of that … time for my medication.

Al Olson

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Grand Lake

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