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Letter: Our community can do better than Jazz Fest

To the Editor:

As a member of our fine community, I would like to state my opinion in regards to the returning and recently held Jazz Fest in Winter Park.

This is a festival our town could do without hosting. As a community we need to take a hard look at our values and what is important to us. I don't think a heavy metal festival would be good for the town, or a hip hop festival for that matter. I would have imagined a jazz festival would never pose a problem. History has proven otherwise. No other weekend festival leaves our neighborhoods littered with trash. No other time does one encounter such blatant disregard for common courtesy, respect for individual rights, traffic laws, and private property.

Let some where else host Jazz Fest and let's replace it with something that will benefit our community with less of a negative impact.

Ken OCallaghan


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