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Letter: Siglin

Winter Park, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

I was extremely frustrated with the front page article in last Friday’s paper about the upcoming winter weather outlook.

I have called the Fraser Valley home or home ski resort since 2004. I work directly in the ski and snow sport industry and have seen good winters and bad. No doubt, last year’s being the worst.

Now with the snow sliding season set to open in less than two weeks at Winter Park, an article gets run about how gloomy of a snow year it’s supposed to be.

A lot of local merchants, companies and general snow enthusiasts here in Grand County are on edge because of last year’s snowfall totals. Another year like last could potentially crush local to statewide small businesses.

Maybe the article was merely quoting reliable weather sources, but how reliable are weekly weather reports, meteorologists, or your everyday ski bum’s forecast?

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Let’s hold our collective breath, think snow and see what happens. 180 inches or 400 … I’ll be making turns and enjoying winter in the Rockies.

Daniel Siglin

Winter Park

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