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Letter: Tindle

Granby, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

What has happened to the Old Town of Granby’s Christmas sprit?

We have been residents since 1982. In all those years the Town has had a Christmas light parade, with the school children and the lighting of the Town tree, with Santa. But this year the only decorations are the ones that the owners of business and homes are doing.

Has the town of Granby turned into the Grinch and we are all the Whos from Whoville? You can hardly see the snowflakes on the light poles. Granby looks dark when you come in at night, except for the glow of the houses as you enter town.

Thanks to all who have decorated your businesses or homes. At least some of us still have the sprit of Christmas.

Did the Grinch steal our lights? Merry Christmas to all.

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