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Letter to the Editor: Byers Peak a good idea?

Jay Clough

To the Editor:

I’ve been a property owner in Fraser and lived in the Valley for more than 40 years. During that time, I’ve occasionally asked a neighbor for help and plenty of times I’ve helped a neighbor who needed it. For me, Fraser and Grand County have always been that sort of neighborly place.

The developer of Byer’s Peak Ranch, who has proven he is no neighbor anyone would want, has come to Fraser for a handout. Like a bum with a cardboard sign, he stands there with empty hands, bringing nothing that will make Fraser a better place to live. Instead of considering the age and condition of the existing water supply and helping upgrade it to meet his needs, he’s asking for free water taps. Free water taps? How on earth is that going to help us fix the school’s water supply? You probably remember the one that froze up recently.

Some folks might not know much about Fraser’s water supply. I’ve kept a piece of it that I dug up out of Mill Avenue a few years back and honestly, it looks like something you would expect to find in a street ripped up in the Haitian hurricane. Unfortunately, it’s typical of a lot of the old Fraser pipe that hasn’t been dug up yet. I ask everyone to think long and hard before anyone gives away a single tap, let alone the thousand he wants.

I am convinced this is no deal for Fraser. Why should we reach into our pocket to make Fraser a better place for this developer? All he wants is to take from us. He wants to take away the view of Byers Peak. In exchange, he’s offered to turn Saint Louis Creek into a 6-acre cesspool and clog our roads with his Denver contractors for the next 35 years.

This is no deal for Fraser; this is no deal for Grand County; this is no deal for any sane community.

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Jay Clough


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