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Letter to the Editor: Finnlander

To the Editor:

Sauna: I need to enlighten all you “Pretend Finns.” Here is the straight scoop on saunas.

“Sauna” is a word from the Finnish language. The word “Sauna” means, traditional Finnish steam bath, or the bathhouse itself. The proper way to pronounce Sauna is Sow-na (Say “sow” like when speaking about a pig). It is NOT Saw-na. (Like a “saw” cutting a board). There is no such thing as a Turkish Sauna, Swedish Sauna and so forth, except for those who are ignorant of the real meaning of the word.

The following is a statement I often hear. “Lets go take a Sauna Bath,” when all you are really saying is “Let’s go take a bath bath.” In real saunas you throw water on hot rocks to make the steam. Most so-called “Saunas” at spas and exercise places are just hot dry rooms. No, most Finns do not jump in the snow after a sauna. (Well, the sober ones don’t anyway.)

Of course I don’t expect most people to understand this article, as not everyone is as bright as a Finn. So now you can go to the Rec Center to take your Bath Bath and be somebody.

Jim Hoyhtya, Finnlander