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Letter to the Editor: Guns, Dogs and the Second Amendment

Ilizabeth Adelman
Ice Box Estates
Rural Grand County

To the Editor:

Guns, guns and more guns. These days the complexity of gun ownership in this country is just that, complex.

To me the Second Amendment is pretty straightforward. The question I have is when is it appropriate to get the gun out? When is the right time?

Is the right time to shoot a dog during a dog fight?

On March 7, my 10-year-old, 120 pound, nearly crippled Alaskan Malamute was shot through her midsection. A .38-caliber revolver was used. The reason, Kodiak was on the shooter’s property. More than that, she was supposedly attacking a black lab.

The woman who shot Kodiak stated, as relayed to me by the sheriff’s deputy, that was she was inside the house, she heard a dog fight, grabbed her gun, ran outside and saw my dog along with my roommate’s dog attacking her black lab and told the sheriff she shot “The Wolf Looking Dog.” Yeah, I get that a lot, from tourists.

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Her dog had minor injuries of four small puncture holes. She claimed my dog ran off. I found Kodiak in the street, dragging her behind on the ground, crying. She has not run anywhere in years. She has been hit by a car and run over by a truck. The dog’s running years are years behind her. Just getting up to a standing position is a chore.

I wish the story was just that simple. But with me and my dogs nothing is ever simple. Kodiak and Gallup go over to that property almost every morning, along with several of the other dogs in the neighborhood. I call it the dogs’ morning meeting. On that morning I saw five dogs. The owner of the house invites them. She gives them dog treats and has even had Gallup in her home.

The owner of the house did not shoot my dog. A woman renting a room in the house did. She has been there a month, and Kodiak has gone over and visited her dog on several occasions without incident. I have not met this woman. She has not come over to complain or introduce herself.-

I know, there are so many things that run through one’s mind. A GUN! I was in shock for at least 24 hours. Why, why? A gun, and why not shoot it in the air, the ground? Why a gun? It’s so deadly. Why not anything else. Is it unjustified use of deadly force? No. According to the law it isn’t. But to me it’s, “Who Brings a Gun to a Dog fight?” Why do we have a law on the books that allows this person or any person to just shoot a dog? She really did not need to come up with the story that she was afraid for her dog’s life. According to the law she could just shoot a dog on her property.-

There are so many issues I have with this. To me the gun issue is a people issue. She made a choice to pick up a gun and shoot my dog. That would not have been my choice. Would it be yours?-

Please let me know if you are going to allow my dog to come over, but the rules change when you feel like it, and gun violence will be involved.

Ilizabeth Adelman

Ice Box Estates

Rural Grand County

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