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Letter to the Editor: Hotel Impossible exposes town

To the Editor:

My husband and I just got through watching the Hotel Impossible episode featuring The Western Riviera. I believe that the episode was great exposure to the town and showed Grand Lake as a beautiful winter destination.

I have been in Grand Lake for four years and my husband was raised in Grand Lake and talks about how Grand Lake used to be. Unfortunately, what he describes from his experience and what I have seen don’t match, with the exception of the beauty of Grand Lake and how the people are.

The people in Grand Lake are everything my husband has described; friendly, hard working and have the deepest love for their town. Due to Grand Lake politics, Mayor Burke and the board have neglected the town and the way it should be. We are a proud and close-knit town. I am not a business owner but I know quite a few that may agree that the town should be doing more and evidently Anthony (from “Hotel Impossible”) feels the same way. The town used to be a thriving town and the episode spoke of how we are (or used to be) the capital of snowmobiling and the majority of the people on our board dislike the idea of snowmobiles. This is the thing that Grand Lake has to keep all of us afloat in the winter, from the lodges to the restaurants and bars and to those of us who rely on these establishments to pay our bills. I hope that this viewing of Grand Lake will open the eyes of the powers at be, that this town can be more than any of us could dream of.

Chelsi Holt

Grand Lake