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Letter to the Editor: Let views be heard on the Byers Peak anexation

Jane Mather

Let views be heard on the Byers Peak anexation

To the Editor:

The Fraser Valley community should know that this Wednesday, March 6, at 7 p.m., the Fraser Town Board of Trustees will be holding another public hearing so that the Town Board can hear public comments regarding the annexation of the land owned by Byers Peak Properties (BPP), 295 acres west of the railroad tracks and between CR 72 and CR 73.

For those who are interested in sharing and discussing information about the annexation, I started a Facebook page – Fraser and Friends for Responsible Development. (www.facebook.com/pages/Fraser-and-Friends-for-Responsible-Development/134408106736544)

After reading documents in the Board Packet on the Town website and reviewing the Town staff’s answers to questions from the February public hearing (available in the Board Packet), I still have many concerns about the proposed structure for the BPP annexation. As others might also have concerns or be able to provide explanations, I started the Facebook page as a forum for information sharing and discussion.

I certainly appreciate all of the work our Town staff, Board Trustees and consultants. The Town consultants’ credentials and experience are certainly impressive. Yet, none of us are perfect, and sometimes, we can overlook significant issues.

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For example, the proposed cost and revenue sharing agreement for water infrastructure and improvements shifts costs and revenues around in ways that could lead to millions of dollars in additional costs and foregone revenue for the Town. In proposing this approach, the Town obviously believes it’s reasonable but, so far, they haven’t really addressed the concerns presented at the February public hearing or provided a financial summary that shows the financial impact of the annexation agreement. If you are interested in the details, please see the Facebook page.

If you have comments, questions or clarifications, please share them with others on the Facebook page. In addition, please write or attend the public hearing on Wednesday. Because the annexation is quasi-judicial, the Town Board members must all receive the same information, either through written or oral comments at the public hearing. If you make a statement at the hearing, please also provide a written copy so that trustees can refer to it later.

Jane Mather


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