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Letter to the Editor: Let’s save Fraser’s history

Dave Lively
President, Historic Fraser

To the Editor:

The letter to the Editor from Steve Morrow suggesting the Byers Peak Ranch be placed into a land trust so that it will always be a working ranch and preserve the historical site is still a wonderful idea.

Others have spoken of this for years in the idea stage. Should we? Could we? How do we? save the Byers Peak Ranch and recognize the contributions of Aksel Nielsen, Carl Norgren and Dwight Eisenhower to the development of the Fraser Valley? We’ve named streets and ballparks after these individuals, but more can and should be done to preserve their legacies.

An opportunity to take on a project of this importance will require substantial funding and efforts. The resources of the local historic entities and the Town of Fraser are all stretched thin. Historic Fraser was created last year to expand on the preservation and interpretation of Fraser’s unique history, starting with the visits of President Eisenhower.

With the support of the Town of Fraser for the mission of Historic Fraser, the group is currently researching the feasibility of acquiring and preserving the original Byers Peak Ranch area where Eisenhower visited before and during his presidency. This site is not a part of the ongoing annexation discussions. If it is feasible, the property and buildings will be saved and opened to the public.

The research will require more time, people, and additional funding. This monumental undertaking is moving forward as volunteers give of their time and efforts. When completed the project will give Fraser residents an opportunity to showcase the fact that the former leader of the free world visited this beautiful valley for his relaxation, fishing, painting and barbecuing.

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Contact Dave Lively, president of Historic Fraser, at dave@historicfraser.org or call 970-531-1211 for more information.

Dave Lively

President, Historic Fraser

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