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Letter to the Editor: McDavid

Tebernash, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the U.S. Forest Service and Confluence Energy on the contract announced in Friday’s Sky-Hi News.

Also thanks to Sen. Udall and anyone else who may have helped with this contract.

It is wonderful that we as a country are learning from our past mistakes. My cousin’s son, now a college professor, just weeks after getting his doctorate from CU in environmental studies during our pine beetle epidemic said, “This is certainly a case of unintended consequences of good intentions.”

With no logging and fire suppression for many years, we have just come through what is similar to a flu epidemic in a nursing home without flu shots. Most of our lodgepole pine trees were old and near death. If we want to prevent mountain pine beetle and other epidemics in the future and lessen the fire danger, we must remove the dead and overly mature trees in some way.

This contract is not only good for the jobs it produces and the clean energy it provides, but for the future of our forests and those of us who live in or near them.

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Don McDavid


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