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Letter to the Editor: Registering guns a good start?

Todd Nelson

To the Editor:

Register guns a good start? This is a response to Linda Spaet’s letter posted March 8.

In the 1930s Hitler registered guns then confiscated guns from his people. Later in that decade he slaughtered Jews and anyone opposing him. Gun registration in America would be the same as Germany in the 1930s. We have a socialistic president and vice president who love total control.

I look at registration as an infringement on our rights as citizens of the United States. The Second Amendment protects us from that. Registration is the first step in confiscation.

As far as a TV being stolen (from Linda Spaet), well lets hope that is all that happens. (An intruder) could be there to kill you or your loved ones. I would expect in a home invasion you would want to call law enforcement and wait for them to arrive. I, on the other hand, will not wait for law enforcement – I refuse to be a victim. I will protect myself and neighbor from those acts.

I choose to use a firearm since most criminals use firearms. In the event of gun registration, the criminal will not run to the sheriff and say, “I am here to register my gun that I stole and want to rob a bank with.”

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I do understand that gun control gives you that fuzzy warm feeling, and you felt like you did something. Registration is not the answer. Putting family values, God and help for young people back in society would help more than gun control. I do not want America to become the next Canada or Australia.

Todd Nelson


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