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Letter to the Editor: Sky-Hi News has too much ‘fluff’

Vanessa Rus
Grand Lake

To the Editor:

One of the things that I find rather frustrating about the Sky-Hi News is that it’s filled with a lot of “fluff.” There are many issues within the county that are never truly addressed within the paper.

I think that many either don’t have the courage to speak about it, or the paper perhaps would rather be seen with the smiling faces of people that I honestly don’t truly need to know what their opinions are about moving the clocks forward for daylight saving time.

Why aren’t we addressing the seriousness of domestic violence within the county? What about the lives being lost every year from alcoholism? What about mental health issues or truly educating folks out here about groups and other mental health issues that may help them with themselves or to help someone that they know that may suffer from a psychiatric ailment?

Why aren’t we discussing how to have a facility within the county that would hospitalize someone with a psychiatric ailment or substance abuse problem for a short while until they can find further help within the county? Why aren’t we discussing the corruption within the county and towns? Why aren’t we all coming together to address the serious problems that pertain to real life crisis situations that we all deal with everyday?

There are so many institutions out here who would automatically fail with health code violations and abuse of employees. Why does the Sky-Hi News continually make it sound like the county is free from any real pertinent issues? It would behoove a great many people in the county to truly put their heads together and think about what is truly important and critical here in the county instead of focusing on a picture of fisherman sitting around on the frozen lake waiting to catch a fish? Seriously Sky-Hi … learn to prioritize.

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Vanessa Rus

Grand Lake

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