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Letter to the Editor: Sky-Hi starts charging for obits

Mark Shearon
Grand County Mortuary and Crematory

To the Editor:

I was made aware this past week that Ski-Hi News will immediately start charging for obits in the paper.

Being a business owner, I fully understand the need for change and price increases as we attempt to meet the day-to-day operations of staying in business. I also realize the need for supporting communities like ours and appreciate that the Sky-Hi News hasn’t charged people for obits in the past. As a matter of fact, the obits the paper has run in the past with the details and photos would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in larger papers like the Denver Post.

I also recognize that Sky-Hi News is offering up to 100 words at no charge for obits and a fee of $25 for a photo with a price structure that is still much lower than other papers. As an alternative, I might suggest that you consider another option.

I have seen on numerous occasions obits published for people who have moved or otherwise announcing services from other locations. For those people, I’d say charge them, but don’t charge for obits for people who live in Grand County at the time of their death.

After 29 years in the funeral business, I understand how even the subject of death can be upsetting to people much less having to handle the death of a loved one. I hope you will reconsider your decision to charge our locals for obits and find other ways to add income for the paper.

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Mark Shearon

Grand County Mortuary and Crematory

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