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Letter to the Editor: Snowball a well managed event

To the Editor:

Concerning the recent SnowBall music festival, I was thrilled for Winter Park to host such an event.

I attended all day Saturday and was lucky enough to see Sound-tribe Sector 9 close out the event on Sunday. For all the complaints I have seen about the 15-year old kids overdosing, I have a simple solution: Make the event an 18 and older event. Problem solved.

It is not the promoters’ nor Winter Park’s problem that these kids are allowed to roam free without parental supervision – that is their parents’ and society’s fault. SnowBall is no different then the dozens of concerts held at Red Rocks every season, and the crowds are exactly the same. To complain incessantly about a revenue-earning event that brought incredible music to the valley is pathetic.

Illegal drugs are a huge part of this mountain community whether you want to acknowledge it or not, and blaming a FEW idiots for the overall beautiful fellowship of THOUSANDS is ridiculous. This was not Woodstock with thousands of LSD overdoses, it was a well-managed event with great jobs by the medical, police, and all first-responders. I worked overtime myself and wished that more locals had the chance to attend. Many of our youth were denied access because of over-hyped work schedules or pricey tickets … hope next year a locals’ pass is incorporated into the event.

Michael Campbell