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Letter to the Editor: Snowball brings drug cocktails

Sonja Simmering, RN

To the Editor:

To the persons in office in Winter Park involved in the decision to bring the Snowball fest, rave concert:

Wish you could have been there – to pick up out of snow banks, bathrooms, cars and other places the children/adults who had the drug cocktails. Or even to see the exhausted faces of our rescue people as they brought in one after the other.

Saturday night cocktail was: ETOH, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Mushrooms, THC

Sunday Night cocktail: ETOH, THC, Meth, Ecstasy, Cocaine

And of course any other illegal drug of choice. Victims ranged from ages 15 to 30s and many of these younger victims’ parents did not know where they were. After being brought to the ER and then discharged, they were unable to find transportation back to Winter Park.

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We were determined and prepared not to lose a life to “Snowball.” We had many admissions any one of which the “drug cocktail” could have killed them and we do not know how many may have long-lasting effects from these drugs. There are others in Denver hospitals that I do not know their outcome.

I believe you will be held accountable for your decision to bring to Grand County an event known to break laws and banned from many or our surrounding communities.

None of you represent me. I would ask that you let those have a voice that clean up your mess. Let my values be represented. Grateful to have made it through my first Rave.

Sonja Simmering, RN

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