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Letter to the Editor: Snowball piles trash

Kristie Lukes
Winter Park

To the Editor:

Living and working in Winter Park is a privilege. I had mixed emotions about SnowBall coming to Winter Park. I chose to avoid the downtown area, limiting myself strictly to driving to work and home.

In doing that, I can’t comment on how SnowBall affected businesses, retail and the downtown. Then last Friday afternoon after work I went for a run, down King’s Crossing Road, connecting with the Fraser Tail at the Pub corner.

From the corner of the Pub past the Rec Center I was disgusted with the incredible amount of trash littered on and near the trail. Beer cans, plastic juice and alcohol containers, cigarette boxes, food wrappers – you name it, it was on the trail. I understand because of the warm weather Winter Park had after SnowBall, snow had melted and litter was going to be seen. That should have been even more reason to get the trash picked up and disposed of properly immediately after SnowBall. Instead, tourists coming into Winter Park after SnowBall that maybe didn’t ski/snowboard yet wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather took a walk on the Fraser Trail and were welcomed by the sight of trash everywhere.

From what some businesses said, they did well. If SnowBall does come back to Winter Park, I would strongly suggest the businesses that did so well offer some money to provide lunch for a volunteer clean-up of the area where SnowBall is set-up. Or hire a clean-up crew strictly for trash pick-up after the event.

Winter Park is a beautiful place to live, visit and enjoy, so let’s not ruin that image by hosting an event and not cleaning up properly when it’s over.

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Kristie Lukes

Winter Park

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