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Letter to the Editor: Snowball "was it worth it?"

Shari Burkhalter

To the Editor:

SnowBall has come and gone, and the question that everyone seems to be asking is: “Was it worth it?”

I have certainly heard some grumbling about the traffic, parking, litter on the town streets and some general unruliness but all of those things were anticipated and, from what I have heard, our local law enforcement agencies did an outstanding job at maintaining order. When asking the question “Was it worth it?” you have to include the obvious: “Was it good exposure for the valley? How did local businesses fare? How did the valley as a whole fare?”

While the final numbers are not yet in, the overall consensus seems to be that it was a good event overall and maybe it was “worth it.”

Then on Friday, March 15, we were given a different view in Dr. Mark Paulsen’s guest opinion “Substance abuse, the dark side of SnowBall festival,” and that question took on a whole new meaning. There comes a time when exposure and money have to be moved to the bottom of the list of things that are important, and I believe we have reached that time.

Does this make us a desirable location for a “family” vacation? Is this really what we want for our community? Is this really what we want to expose our children and our youth to? I don’t know if the promoters of this event will want to come back here next year but, if they do, I implore those of you who will make that decision to consider the “dark side” of this event and then ask yourself that question … “Was it worth it?

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Shari Burkhalter


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