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Letter to the Editor: Who’s going to protect you

Kudos to Tyson Arnold on his excellent points regarding Pill Culture, as printed in the January 18 Sky Hi News.

My Florida sister recently sent me a website about school violence and how all the perpetrators were on some kind of mood altering drugs. Bill Hamilton’s column in the January 23 Sky Hi news referred to the exact site I’d seen. The listing dated back to 1988 and the numbers are staggering.

No, the problem is not guns. Every time the gun flap comes up, I’m reminded of numerous articles I’ve read, from The Denver Post to Reader’s Digest, concerning the number of people who die from hospital/medical mistakes. Depending on who’s doing the reporting, anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 Americans annually, from these mistakes.

That is far more people than are gunned down in America. Isn’t it odd we aren’t all up in arms about that? Pun intended.

I would suggest the Obama fans think long and hard about what happens if he tries to take our guns. Who’s going to protect you then? He didn’t even protect American diplomats in Benghazi…you think he will protect little ole you?

Nancy Covey