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Letter: Tragic incident calls for stricter penalties

To the Editor:

Tragedy on the 4th? It was conscious blatant stupidity. Justice is disgustingly blind here. Direct quotes show that this person was nothing less than apathetic when it came to being more concerned about his job and family than he was with the man who died the night he decided to drive drunk with his wife and kids. He states he just wants to provide for his family, yet he seems to put his own family in danger. How could he get out on his own personal recognizance bond with prior incidents? The DA's office asked for this without support of the victim's family? What is going on here?

Everything this man did was done consciously and without care. He's a local and he knows what it is like on Highway 34 at night after the fireworks.

Does anyone have any common sense anymore? The DA's office is blind. Perhaps if it affected one of their own, they may choose to do things differently.

How many people have to die? We need to start making a first-time offense a felony. A man is dead. A family is ruined… and I could care less what Lucas Ackerman wants to do to provide for his family.

Vanessa Rus

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