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Letter: Wrape

To the Editor:


I am a single disabled person who lives alone and have very few people who visit me, so at Christmas – even though I give out a few gifts – I never GET any. So Christmas for me is about a birthday. Usually I celebrate it with milk and a cake, candle and all. I light the candle, say a prayer, then eat the whole cake. Just a little treat for me for being at Christ’s’ Birthday party.

Anyway, I usually observe the whole Christmas spectacle from a distance and have noticed during the last three or four years that the Christmas trees are up and lit a week before Thanksgiving! And it’s gotten worse every year to the point that it almost made me mad.

I have been given turkeys by the church, but being single and alone and having no idea WHAT to do with a turkey, I end up giving it away: I just don’t DO Thanksgiving either, as it’s another family holiday. But now I feel I am being cheated out of Thanksgiving by the hostile takeover by Christmas: And this year all I heard about was this Black Friday thing and all the stuff associated with it – the strikes and people in lines and with guns in stores and sales and scams and toy drives and tree lighting and giving to this charity or that charity, or getting all the shopping done or some exhibit of Christmas Past.

I have not really heard anybody humming carols from the joy of the season or seen any actual Christmas joy in anyone or anything. Heck, the snow isn’t even attending. It just seems so sad to have had to watch the shift of how others celebrate holidays spiral downward from a wonderful feeling we used to get called Joy, to this commercialized Internet version of Christmas Future. No, not a gift at all.

Can’t we stop hanging lights for just a minute and try and remember what joy is? I don’t know WHAT we are celebrating these days, but it sure isn’t Christ’s’ Birthday.

Karin Wrape