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Letter: Zeleznikar

Granby, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Without the support of the community, the huge response to Indian Peaks Charter School’s request for donations and people to run the event, we would never have had a carnival this year.

Every time I open the paper it seems that I read somewhere “What a wonderful community we live in.” Well, now it’s my turn to agree. After learning that the Halloween Carnival at Granby Elementary School was not going to happen, I went right to our Parent Teacher Organization president and asked that we take it over.

Thank you to Granby Recreation District for offering the soccer dome free of charge, as well as a manned bouncy house. In less than two weeks, the community pitched in with prizes, bake sale goods, game operators, and treats. IPCS parents made new games, Grand Lake Chamber donated a second bouncy castle, Mountain Rose Cafe provide baked goods and transportation of materials, Safeway and City Market provided free coffee and cider. Many others donated or helped in various ways.

And so it is the IPCS community says thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with this event. Whether you worked at one of the stores that provided donations, put candy in our donation box, baked away, or ran a game, we are blessed that you would take the time to help. Because of all of your support, the kids had a fun place to go.

IPCS PTO plans on continuing the tradition and making next year’s carnival even better. Thanks for all of your hard work.

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Melissa Zeleznikar

IPCS Secretary


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