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Letter: Zimmerman case not stand-your-ground, but self defense

To the Editor:

David Maddox's letter regarding the Zimmerman case is filled with mistakes. This was not a stand your ground case — it was a self-defense case, and there is a huge difference.

Travon was not shot because he was black, or wearing a hoodie. He was shot because he was on top of the real victim in this case, giving him a vicious beating with his fists. At that point, George Zimmerman reasonably feared for his physical well-being, and probably his life, and properly used the centuries-old legal remedy of self-defense. The stand your ground defense theory did not come into play and was not used by Zimmerman at his trial. I seriously doubt that Mr. Zimmerman would have allowed a person of any color to continue the beating and battery that was being committed against him.

And Travon was not stalked — he was followed, hardly a crime.

Ask the law-abiding citizens of Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans if they want to put down their guns and live in "peace."

Mr. Maddox appears to have fallen into the trap of the shake-down artists and skin-hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson, who have been saturating the media with this type of blather, drivel and claptrap, hoping that it will gain traction. And sadly, it has.

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Don Conrad

Centennial, Colo.

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