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Meet the Kremmling Candidates

Kremmling CO Colorado


1. What do like the about Kremmling?

2. What experience qualifies you to be Mayor/Trustee?

3. What do you think is the most serious issue facing Kremmling in the next four years?

4. What solutions do you propose for the immediate problems facing Kremmling?

Name: Scott Crandall

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Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Ranch hand for private guest ranch

Education: High school graduate

How many years in Grand County? 7.5 years. I have owned a business in Kremmling for 10.5 years.

Original hometown: I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (18 years); lived in Summit County, Colorado (22 years) prior to moving to Kremmling.

Family: My wife, Susan and boys Matthew (16) and Evan (5).

Pets: Moses our dog.

1. I love the small town community. It is a great place to raise a family and a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

2. I am a homeowner, a business owner and I am raising children in this community. I hope to bring an unbiased viewpoint to the table to help make responsible decisions for this community and be a voice for residents and business owners of Kremmling. I have experience serving on other boards. I’d like to say that I would bring a balance of integrity, experience and a desire to serve the community of Kremmling.

3. Towns across the country are facing extreme economic hardships. Kremmling is in a position of strength with little or no debt. We need to be aware of issues that could arise from system failure, etc. and start putting aside money for them. We want to keep our property values competitive, our town attractive to businesses and families, and still keep that small-town feel.

4. I like what the current board has accomplished. They have been fiscally accountable to the community by not creating any debt for the town. They have brought in large dollars in grants, and the parks are looking great. We are seeing a couple new businesses coming into town. I want to be a part of helping the board to continue to be fiscally accountable and to find ways to generate revenue for the town.

Name : Casey Curran

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Electrician

Education: BA Industrial Design

How many years in Grand County? 26 years, total

Original hometown: Kremmling

Family: Wife Nowell Curran, daughter Sidney Curran (8), Son Bodin Curran (6).

Pets: Dog, Molly (13) and two cats Bella and Bailey, both about 13.

1. It’s a great place to raise a family. It’s small and involved. This town supports families, businesses and visitors. It’s in the heart of the high country. I can take my kids camping, rafting, fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and much more. I like that it’s a small-knit town with endless potential.

2. I was born and raised here. While growing up, I worked at family-owned businesses and work here now as an adult. I have become actively involved in youth programs such as Pee-wee wresting, CattleKing Hockey as well as the Grand County Board of Adjustment and Grand County Board of Appeals.

3. Economic growth, development and retention. We have the space for both families and businesses to establish themselves, and for visitors to stay and play. Without retention of both, the town and its offerings will struggle. The support and direction of the town board is critical for success and opportunity.

4. Planning, strategies and grant funding. Once we establish a direction that will both benefit the town and its residences, we can begin to build a successful community. Filling our store fronts and fixing our roads will entice visitors to stop and stay.

Name: Al Dvorak

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Bail Bondsman

Education: Attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, majoring in Education and Industrial Technology

How many years in Grand County? Almost 15 years

Original hometown: Orange Village, Ohio

Family: Married to Jane Dvorak.

Pets: Currently dogless

1. I like the small-town appeal. You know your neighbors. You are on a first-name basis where you shop, have your car serviced, get your hair cut and purchase parts and supplies.

2. From my years of raising Polled Herefords in Southeast Ohio to my current business in Grand County, I have always used common sense to find the best workable solution for the problem. I will make myself available to hear the concerns of the citizens of Kremmling. I want everyone to know that as trustee, I will represent them, treat them with respect and do what is best for all.

3. I think declining revenues is our biggest issue. With old and susceptible-to-failure infrastructure, our trustees must find a way to raise revenue without raising taxes. A “rainy day fund” must be built up to make these necessary repairs and/or replacements.

4. I propose the town needs to raise revenue. There are several ways to do this:

• Increase Taxes – I do not find that to be an acceptable first answer.

• Government Grants – Grants are an excellent source of money for infrastructure projects but Kremmling may not always receive them or the amount to fully complete the project.

• Increase business and become business- friendly – This way the revenue stream grows without raising tax rates.

Name: Scott Howell

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Equipment Operator


How many years in Grand County? 29 years

Original hometown: Otis, Colorado

Family: Wife Peggy and four kids: Wes, Jamie, Heather, Hannah

Pets: two Pugs

1. Small-town community where residents help each other when needed.

2. I Served on the town board in the late 90’s for a year. I was employed by the town of Kremmling for about 9 Years. 

3. The declining revenue

4. Spend money wisely, apply for grants, try to attract businesses to town.

Name: Mark Mahorney

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee, incumbent

Occupation: woodcarver

Education: BA in Economics from Indiana University

How many years in Grand County? 3

Original hometown: Brownsburg, IN

Family: Wife, son Shawn 12, daughter Devon 2

Pets: dog, Great Pyrenees, Vanilla Bean

1. I really like the sense of community. People are friendly and know each other.

2. I have one year of experience on the town board and past experience working as an economist.

3. Generating enough tax revenue to maintain and replace our aging infrastructure. Increasing tourism and recreational activities in the area.

4. Create an economic development program to provide incentives and assistance to growing and potential new businesses. Changes need to be made to regulations and ordinances that may hinder business development. I am starting an arts council with the goal of making Kremmling known for its artists, artisans and craftsmen.

Name: Mathew Scruggs.

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Write-in candidate for trustee.

Occupation: I am currently employed at the Green Mtn. Powerplant as Plant Mechanic.

Education: I graduated high school

How many years in Grand County? I have lived in Kremmling for nineteen years.

Original hometown: Fontana, California.

Family: I am married to my lovely wife Susie. I am father to two grown sons, David and Marshall, and one teenage daughter named Molly.

Pets: We have one kitten named Lynus; he’s a terror.

1. I love living here in Kremmling. The people are great. I like going to the market or the resturaunts and seeing my neighbors and people I know. I like going to community events and knowing their names and the names of their children. I like socializing with them. I like the small town atmosphere, and I like the mountain paradise area we live in.

2. I am currently serving on the leadership board for Kremmling Community Church as one of the elders. I am also serving as board member of Mountain Valley Christian Acadamy. I am volunteer Commander of the local chapter of the kids club AWANA.

3. I think the most serious issue facing our town in the next four years is the economy, and the shortage of funds available for town improvements.

4. I think the solution is to make wise decisions and encourage new businesses that bring employment to move into our town, and to promote and support the existing businesses. We need to promote the recreation and the area events, encourage ideas that promote town growth, and to look for grant money to complete and start more town improvements. We all need to work together.

Name: Gina Schroeder

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Customer Service Representative

Education: West Grand High graduate

How many years in Grand County? 48

Original hometown: Kremmling

Family: Married to Marty Schroeder, we have two kids Kim and Jeff, and two grandkids, Jake and Kadee

Pets: 1 fish

1. I really like the way Kremmling rallies around people when they need help. I also like the small-town feel. We are a tight-knit community, and I would like to keep it that way.

2. I have lived here my whole life. There have been a lot of changes, both good and bad. I truly care about Kremmling and the people who live and work here. I also stand up for what I believe is right and what is best for people. I am not afraid to ask questions. I also think diversity on the town board is a good thing – everyone has a different perspective and that is not a bad thing.

3. I think Kremmling needs to take Kremmling back. What I mean by this is there needs to be better communication between citizens, the town board and town employees. Issues need to be discussed and questions asked before a decision should be made. We are all in this together. Let’s work together and make Kremmling a town that everyone is proud to call home.

4. What solutions do you propose for the immediate problems facing your town? I would love to see all the store fronts downtown full, we need to find a way to make businesses want to move here, while helping the wonderful busiesses we already have. We need to clean up Kremmling to make it attractive to possible busineses. We can also promote what we have to offer now, the recreation around here is awesome, lets make Kremmling a destination.

Name: Erik Woog

Town: Kremmling

Running for trustee or mayor? Trustee

Occupation: Owner Manager Alpine Motor Sports

Education: Graduated West Grand High School 1985, Various Trade Schools

How many years in Grand County? 35 Years

Original hometown: Kremmling

Family: Married with children


1. All the wonderful people; the lifestyle.

2. Having grown up in the community, 22 years as a local business owner and 4 years as a board member have certainly blessed me with insight and perspective that serves the position well. I also have a generally solid understanding of where the money comes from, how much there isn’t, and where it needs to go.

3. With revenues continuing to decline and a firm commitment to finding ways to manage the budget without significant rate increases, I suspect our challenges lie primarily in continuing to upgrade infrastructure as well as economic growth. With the water problems fairly well in hand, proper attention can be given to pavement and street repairs.

4. With the community having many millions of dollars in needs and a gross annual budget of well under a million with all but pennies going to cover expenses, the only viable means of addressing immediate needs is to continue to seek grant funds to stretch every surplus dollar as far possible. However, acquisition of such funds has grown increasingly difficult as many communities are experiencing similar revenue decreases.

(Answers not submitted: Wes Howell)

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