Skiing and Snowboarding Prep Skills and Drills program |

Skiing and Snowboarding Prep Skills and Drills program

Jackie Wright / The fitness trail
Grand County, CO

(Fifth in a five-part series)

While this is week five of our five-part series preparing you for ski and snowboarding season, the skills/drills we have covered are just the tip of the “iceberg”! There are dozens of preparatory skills/drills that we have yet to share with you, but we will save a little surprise for next year.

This week we will feature three skills/drills which will boost your power (i.e. strength/speed combined), agility and stamina. The fitness tools utilized are the BOSU Balance Trainer and the agility ladder. Follow the same protocol detailed in the first installment of this series in terms of the circuit sequence, program frequency and the warm-up format. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Week Four Drills Program (keep in mind that we spent two weeks covering week two of the program-the third and fourth installments) – Prior to all drills where applicable, begin standing with the legs shoulder distance apart, shoulders rotated back/down, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward your spine, pelvic floor pulled up/in and the knees relaxed.

*The BOSU Knee Tucks and agility ladder drills are both demonstrated by Grace Knight, a junior in high school and a team member of the Winter Park Competition Center where her discipline is park and pipe snowboarding.

BOSU Balance Trainer – Double Knee Tucks – Power/Agility/Stamina training drill

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-This is an advanced plyometric drill. Consequently, master the double knee tucks from a resilient floor surface prior to attempting it from the BOSU.

-Begin standing on top of the BOSU, press down into the BOSU with the knees flexed and “explode” directly upward above the surface of the dome, driving the knees toward the chest simultaneously.

-Extend the legs toward the BOSU with the knees relaxed to absorb the “shock” and stick the landing.

Agility Ladder – Inside/Outside – Agility/Stamina training drill

-Begin with a 15 foot agility ladder at one end facing the other end.

-Left foot on the outside of the ladder, place the body weight into that foot as you bring the right foot into the first block and transfer the weight to the right foot (think inside/outside with the inside foot–outside foot never comes inside the ladder)

-Advance down the ladder leading with the right foot inside/outside each block.

-When you reach the end, turn around facing the other direction and lead with the right foot on the outside, left foot inside of the ladder. The quicker you can go, with a big range of motion lifting from the hip joint, without stepping on the straps or slats, the better.

BOSU – Leap – Edging – Agility/Stamina/Power training drill

-Begin standing on the left side of the BOSU with both feet on the floor.

-Leap up onto the BOSU with the right foot, then the left hitting the “slope” of the BOSU, not the top of the dome, creating an “edging” effect, keeping the knees relaxed during impact.

-Complete the set on that side and then repeat on the opposite side.

Next week’s column will highlight the stretching and flexibility component of this program.

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