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Ski town reaction to tightened immigration

Park City Mayor Jack Thomas says he intends to write a letter to the congressional delegation in Utah in response to the potential tightened immigration policies under a Trump administration.

Thomas told The Park Record he will describe Latino immigrants as important members of the workforce. The newspaper says that Latinos constitute an estimated 25 percent of the population of the Park City area, and suggests that many, if not most, are immigrants drawn to Park City by the robust economy.

Thomas said more restrictive immigration policies would constitute a "major disruption of our economy."

In Colorado, the town council for Snowmass Village has joined other self-designated sanctuary cities in expressing concerns about changes to federal immigration policies.

"Above all else, let's honor our town's tradition of inclusivity, respect and kindness to all," says the statement that was approved unanimously.

Many Latino immigrants in the Aspen-area economy live in Carbondale, located 30 miles downstream from Aspen.

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The Aspen Daily News reports that Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling issued a statement saying that police are "not actively looking for people to deport" and that people shouldn't be afraid to report a crime because they fear retaliation or deportation.