Bowling league results |

Bowling league results

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Tuesday Men's League Jan. 10

Scratch series: Chris Fasso 629

Scratch game: Justin Frank 279

Handicap series: Ian Lawyer 714

Handicap game: Mike Utley 286

My Spare Lady Jan. 11

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Scratch game: Kathy Burke 194

Scratch series: Kathy Burke 544

Handicap game: Toni Barrett 236

Handicap series: Cindy Moynahan 626

Sunday Mixed League Jan. 15

Scratch game: Justin Frank 235, Motor Coulson 188

Scratch series: Ryan Eastin 618, Motor Coulson 503

Handicap game: Justin Frank 252, Motor Coulson 235

Handicap series: Ryan Eastin 630, Motor Coulson 644

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