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Bowling league scores

Grand County, CO Colorado

Lady Bugs LeagueNov. 29TeamWinsLossesBowling Bags3018Java Gurus2721Sparemades25.522.5Fallen Balls24.523.5Team #42226Consistently Inconsistent1533High Game (Scratch): Betts Spellerberg 179High Game (Handicap): Betts Spellerberg 231High Series (Scratch): Cindy Thompson 463High Series (Handicap): Cindy Thompson 601 Nov. 15TeamWinsLossesBowling Bags2717Fallen Balls23.520.5Java Gurus2321Team #42222Sparemades21.522.5Consistently Inconsistent1529High Game (Scratch): Terry Pratt 170High Game (Handicap): Terry Fisher 222High Series (Scratch): Terry Pratt 487High Series (Handicap): Betts Spellerberg 615Oct. 25TeamWinsLossesBowling Bags2210Java Gurus1814Team #41715Consistently Inconsistent1418Fallen Balls12.519.5Sparemades12.519.5High Game (Scratch): Lynne Daniel 174High Game (Handicap): Cyndi Snider 229High Series (Scratch): Lynne Daniel 492High Series (Handicap): Lynne Daniel 624Oct. 18TeamWinsLossesBowling Bags208Java Gurus1612Team #41414Consistently Inconsistent1315Fallen Balls1117Sparemades1018High Game (Scratch): Linda Robben 173High Game (Handicap): Betts Spellerberg 222High Series (Scratch): Terry Pratt 442High Series (Handicap): Betts Spellerberg 595Foundry LeagueDec. 2TeamWLAlley Gators3715Just Us3022F.O.D.’s29.522.5ATB2626O2 & M1933Bob Sagat Appreciation Society14.537.5High Game (Scratch): Mike O’Neil 212; Christy Horn 237High Game (Handicap): Adam Germany 242; Christy Horn 253High Series (Scratch): Mike O’Neil 557; Christy Horn 602High Series (Handicap): Adam Germany 668: Christy Horn 650Nov. 25TeamWinsLossesAlley Gators3315F.O.D.’s28.519.5Just Us2721ATB2424O2 & M1929Bob Sagat Appreciation Society12.535.5High Game (Scratch): Chris Baer 257, Christy Horn 216High Game (Handicap): Chris Baer 262, Christy Horn 232High Series (Scratch): Chris Baer 653, Christy Horn 551High Series (Handicap): Jason Funk 672, Terry Pratt 615Nov. 18TeamWinsLossesAlley Gators3014F.O.D.’s27.516.5Just Us2618ATB2123O2 & M1826Bob Sagat Appreciation Society9.534.5High Game (Scratch): Virgil Fisher 222, Autumn Fisher 198High Game (Handicap): Virgil Fisher 257, Autumn Fisher 228High Series (Scratch): Virgil Fisher 581, Christy Horn 537High Series (Handicap): Virgil Fisher 686, Autumn Fisher 617Tuesday Las Vegas LeagueNov. 27TeamWLDiamonds in the Ruff2313 Who Gives a S***2313Spare Parts2214Acme Gutter Rats1818Crawl with Dignity1620We’re Back Again15.520.5Pin Action13.522.5Ace Plumbing1323High Scratch Game: Garey Sutherby – 211; Rebekah Johnson – 175High Handicap Game: Garey Sutherby – 260; Rebekah Johnson – 262High Scratch Series: TJ Humble – 530; Suzi Maki – 445High Handicap Series: Garey Sutherby – 662; Rebekah Johnson – 700 Nov. 20TeamWLDiamonds in the Ruff2111 Spare Parts2111Who Gives a S***2012We’re Back Again15.516.5Crawl with Dignity1418Acme Gutter Rats1418Pin Action13.518.5Ace Plumbing923High Scratch Game: TJ Humble – 228; Sue Tomasek – 189High Handicap Game: TJ Humble – 264; Kathy Ferrera-Dunn – 245High Scratch Series: TJ Humble – 557; Melissa Humble – 520High Handicap Series: TJ Humble – 665; Melissa Humble – 676Nov. 13TeamWLSpare Parts208 Diamonds in the Ruff1810Who Gives a S***1612Crawl with Dignity1414Acme Gutter Rats1414We’re Back Again11.516.5Pin Action10.517.5Ace Plumbing820High Scratch Game: Tony Griffin & Bill Tomasek – 201; Kathy Burke – 191High Handicap Game: Tony Griffin – 246; Charlotte Ruffin – 249High Scratch Series: Bill Tomasek – 560; Kathy Burke – 510High Handicap Series: Bill Tomasek – 674; Leslie Clark – 633Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueNov. 28TeamWLBe Back Next Week239Gutter Boys1814Alpine Jammers1220Rock-He’s1121 High Scratch Game: TJ Humble – 197High Handicap Game: TJ Humble – 228High Scratch Series: TJ Humble – 538High Handicap Series: TJ Humble – 631 Nov. 14TeamWLBe Back Next Week208Gutter Boys1513Alpine Jammers1117Rock-He’s1018High Scratch Game: James Price – 198High Handicap Game: James Price – 241High Scratch Series: Ike Harms – 522High Handicap Series: James Price – 637Louie’s LadiesNov. 26TeamWLStrike Me a Spare3117Who Gives a Split30.517.5Just Us3018D Team26.521.5McDonald’s13.534.5Plumb Bobs12.535.5High Game Scratch – Erin Ackerman 212High Game Handicap – Erin Ackerman 268High Series Scratch – Erin Ackerman 477High Series Handicap- Erin Ackerman 645 Nov. 19TeamWLWho Gives a Split30.513.5Strike Me a Spare2717Just Us2618D Team25.518.5McDonald’s13.530.5Plumb Bobs9.534.5High Game Scratch- Pat Farmer 176High Game Hadicap-Pat Farmer 240High Series Scratch- Francie DeVos 451 High Series Handicap-Erin Ackerman 616Nov. 12TeamWLWho Gives a Split27.512.5Just Us2515Strike Me a Spare2317D Team21.518.5McDonald’s13.526.5Plumb Bobs9.530.5High Game Scratch – Francie DeVos 186High Game Handicap – Francie DeVos 238High Series Scratch – Francie DeVos 513High Series Handicap – Francie DeVos 669

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