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Bowling Results

Grand County, CO Colorado

Lady Bugs LeagueNov. 8TeamWLBowling Bags2317Team #42218Java Gurus2218Fallen Balls19.520.5Sparemades18.521.5Consistently Inconsistent1525High Game (Scratch), Betts Spellerberg, 187High Game (Handicap), Betts Spellerberg, 242High Series (Scratch), Lynne Daniel, 504High Series (Handicap), Francie de Vos, 630Lady Bugs LeagueNov. 1 TeamWLBowling Bags2214Team #4 2115Java Gurus1917Fallen Balls15.520.5Sparemades15.520.5Consistently Inconsistent1521High Game (Scratch): Lynne Daniel, 223High Game (Handicap): Lynne Daniel, 264High Series (Scratch): Lynne Daniel, 579High Series (Handicap): Lynne Daniel, 702Holy Rollers LeagueNov. 11TeamWLF.O.D.’s27.512.5Alley Gators2614Just Us2218ATB2119O2 & M1426Bob Sagat Appreciation Society 9.530.5 High Game (Scratch): Jon de Vos, 190; Teena Lorenz, 199High Game (Handicap): Jon de Vos, 243; Teena Lorenz, 235High Series (Scratch): Chris Baer, 509; Christy Horn, 528High Series (Handicap): Dave Lorenz, 615; Teena Lorenz, 599 Holy Rollers LeagueNov. 4TeamWLAlley Gators2511F.O.D.’s24.511.5Just Us2115ATB1917O2 & M11 25Bob Sagat Appreciation Society7.528.5 High Game (Scratch): Chris Baer, 232; Christy Horn, 206High Game (Handicap): Virgil Fisher, 239; Christy Horn & Katie Block, 221High Series (Scratch): Chris Baer, 615; Christy Horn, 550High Series (Handicap): Virgil Fisher, 632; Teena Lorenz, 611Monday Night Louie’s LadiesNov. 5TeamWLJust Us2511Who Gives a Split 23.5 12.5D Team21.514.5Strike Me A Spare1917McDonald’s12.523.5Plumb Bobs6.529.5 High Game Scratch – Marlynn Mulder, 185High Game Handicap – Marlynn Mulder, 243High Series Scratch – Marlynn Mulder, 483High Series Handicap b- Marlynn Mulder, 657Monday Night Louie’s LadiesOct. 29TeamWLJust Us2210Who Gives a Split20.511.5D Team20.511.5Strike Me a Spare1616McDonald’s11.520.5Plumb Bob’s5.526.5High Game Scratch – Terry Fisher, 173High Game Handicap – Terry Fisher, 232High Series Scratch – Theresa Powell, 464High Series Handicap – Erin Ackerman, 629Tuesday Las Vegas League Nov. 6TeamWLSpare Parts177 Who Gives a S***168Diamonds in the Ruff1410Acme Gutter Rats1113We’re Back Again10.513.5Pin Action10.513.5Crawl with Dignity1014Ace Plumbing717High Scratch Game: Arnie Johnson – 187; Kathy Burke – 219High Handicap Game: Ken Clark – 229; Kathy Burke & Melissa Humble – 246High Scratch Series: Arnie Johnson – 504; Kathy Burke – 509High Handicap Series: Jimmy Peterson – 645; Melissa Humble – 673Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueNov. 7High Scratch Game: Barry Smith – 194High Handicap Game: Bobby Blea – 227High Scratch Series: TJ Humble – 536High Handicap Series: TJ Humble – 641TeamWLBe Back Next Week195Gutter Boys1212Alpine Jammers1113Rock-He’s618

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