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Bowling scores

Grand County, CO Colorado

Lady Bugs LeagueMarch 7TeamWLBowling Bags 5838Fallen Balls50.545.5Java Gurus5046Sparemades49.546.5Team 4 What4650Consistently Inconsistent3462High Game (Scratch) – Lynne Daniel, 190High Game (Handicap) – Lynne Daniel, 228High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt, 508High Series (Handicap) – Terry Pratt, 619Monday Night Louie’s LadiesMarch 7Who Gives a Split66.529.5Strike Me a Spare5541Just Us5442Plumb Bob’s39.556.5D Team39.556.5McDonald’s33.562.5 High Game (Scratch) – Francie DeVos, 201High Game (Handicap) – Francie DeVos, 253High Series (Scratch) – Francie DeVos, 478High Series (Handicap) – Kimberly Hart, 640Monday Night Louie’s LadiesFeb. 25Who Gives a Split62.529.5Strike Me a Spare5438Just Us5141Plumb Bob’s38.553.5D Team36.555.5McDonald’s33.558.5High Game (Scratch) – Marci Gallegos, 186High Game (Handicap) – Marci Gallegos, 242High Series (Scratch) – Rosemarie McGinley, 498High Series (Handicap) – Rosemarie McGinley, 645Tuesday Las Vegas LeagueFeb. 26Acme Gutter Rats4634 We’re Back Again45.534.5Diamonds in the Ruff4337Who Gives a S***4139Spare Parts3941Ace Plumbing3743Crawl with Dignity3644Pin Action32.547.5High Scratch Game – Arnie Johnson, 201Tracey Williams, 193High Handicap Game – Tony Griffin, 243Tracey Williams, 253High Scratch Series – Arnie Johnson, 565Kathy Burke, 507High Handicap Series – Arnie Johnson, 658Tracey Williams, 645Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueFeb. 27Alpine Jammers4634Be Back Next Week4535Gutter Boys3842Rock-He’s3149 High Scratch Game – Jeff Phelps, 242High Handicap Game – Jeff Phelps, 274High Scratch Series – Jeff Phelps, 635High Handicap Series – Jeff Phelps, 731Tuesday Las Vegas LeagueMarch 5Acme Gutter Rats47.536.5 Diamonds in the Ruff4638We’re Back Again45.538.5Who Gives a S***43.540.5Spare Parts4143Ace Plumbing3846Crawl with Dignity3846Pin Action36.547.5High Scratch Game – Greg Pickerell, 216Kathy Burke, 204High Handicap Game – Greg Pickerell, 270Diane Mahoney, 247High Scratch Series – Kenneth Clark, 520Kathy Burke, 535High Handicap Series – Kenneth Clark, 682Diane Mahoney, 676Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueMarch 61 Alpine Jammers48.535.52 Be Back Next Week48363 Gutter Boys39.544.54 Rock-He’s3252 High Scratch Game – Patrick Barnes, 225High Handicap Game – Patrick Barnes, 273High Scratch Series – Patrick Barnes, 568High Handicap Series – Patrick Barnes, 712Tuesday Las Vegas LeagueMarch 12We’re Back Again49.538.5 Diamonds in the Ruff4939Acme Gutter Rats48.539.5Who Gives a S***43.544.5Ace Plumbing4246Spare Parts4147Pin Action40.547.5Crawl with Dignity3850High Scratch Game – TJ Humble, 203Kathy Burke, 196High Handicap Game – Greg Pickerell, 238Melissa Humble, 239High Scratch Series – Arnie Johnson, 548Kathy Burke, 519High Handicap Series – Greg Pickerell, 678Kathy Burke, 609Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueMarch 13Be Back Next Week 51 37Alpine Jammers 49.5 38.5Gutter Boys 40.5 47.5Rock-He’s 35 53High Scratch Game – Ike Harms, 233High Handicap Game – Ike Harms and Garey Sutherby, 251High Scratch Series – Jeff Phelps, 549High Handicap Series – Peter Tomko, 646

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