Student scores put schools to the test |

Student scores put schools to the test

Tonya Bina
Grand County, CO Colorado

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Colorado school testing results have yielded the performance plans for schools, and most Grand County’s schools have met the state’s expectations.

At the East Grand School District, the district as a whole showed a 74.2 percent score in meeting the state’s standards of academic achievement, academic growth, closing the growth gaps, and post-secondary workforce readiness. The district mostly excelled in academic growth, with meeting the state goals by 81.6 percent.

The “growth” of students measured through test scores is monitored over a three-year period. Student progress is monitored as they move ahead in grade levels.

Fraser Elementary School had the highest total of points earned in the four categories of academic achievement, academic growth, growth gaps and test participation. The 2012 test scores show the school exceeded state standards in academic growth with 50 out of 50 points, and scored 75 percent in academic achievement.

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East Grand Middle School earned 41.7 points out of a total of 50 in academic growth. The school also achieved 75 percent in academic achievement for the total amount possible.

Granby Elementary School scored its highest in academic achievement, with a 68.8 percent of the total amount possible. For academic growth, the school is still “approaching” the state’s goals, with 42.9 percent out of a total 50 points possible.

And at Middle Park High School, students scored 75 percent in academic achievement, and 83.3 percent in academic growth, and in the high school category of “postsecondary and workforce readiness,” student scored 73.2 percent.

All schools in the district have earned the highest-tiered “performance” plans in the framework of the Colorado Department of Education, save for the Indian Peaks Charter School, which has been assigned the second-tiered “improvement” plan. The charter school, which in 2010 and 2011 was on the lowest-rung turnaround plans partly for lack of participation in the state’s standardized testing, is showing improvement in student growth. The school’s specific numbers, however, are not made available to the public due to the school’s 53-student enrollment.

According to the Colorado Department of Education, just 11.9 percent of the state’s public schools increased one or more plan-type levels from 2011 to 2012, among them Indian Peaks.

About 90 percent of all Colorado public schools – 1,532 – were assigned a performance or improvement plan.

Schools achieving slightly less-successful scores were given a priority improvement plan, and 40 schools in the state were assigned the lowest-tiered turnaround plans.

The majority of schools received the same plan type in 2012 as they did in 2011.

But the department is seeing “small increases in performance of schools in Colorado,” states a press release.

West Grand

The West Grand Elementary School performed best in the West Grand district in academic achievement in 2012, with 75 percent of the total amount eligable. The West Grand High School excelled in postsecondary and workforce readiness, with 80.8 percent, but is approaching state goals in academic achievement, with 56.3 percent, and academic growth, with 50 percent. The two West Grand schools were assigned the highest-level “performance” plans.

The West Grand Middle School is on an improvement plan for testing slightly lower in academic growth and growth gaps, but meets state expectations in academic achievment at 62.5 percent.

Overall, the West Grand School District scored 69 percent of total points possible.

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